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As the world pondered the effects of the dropping of the bomb, various theories emerged about the radiation effects.   Theories had emerged that, given that we were at all times subject to some level of natural radiation, the incremental increase in dosage would be of no consequence to us.

At the other end of the spectrum, there were those who said that the increase was enough to affect our genes, and that many of us would die from radiation illnesses, and that future generations would be deformed and mutated.

Every time an atomic power exploded a new nuclear device, controversy over radiation flared up again.  Some proponents gleefully pointed to the fact that people were not falling like flies, and that healthy babies were booming all round the world. Others said that ultimately the camel’s back would break, and that maybe this latest test would prove to be the last straw.

Part of the problem was that the man in the street had no real knowledge of the processes involved.  He had to rely on experts coming from universities and other powerful institutions. The trouble was that these learned people had vastly different views based on whatever set of so-called facts they looked at.  Some of them too were undoubtedly influenced by their own vested interests, such as job prospects, and the desire for publicity. So that, in all, the average person had little real information to go on, and voiced his opinions with all the certainty goes hand in hand with true ignorance. 

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