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Below is a sample of  text from my 1968 book. 


Suppose your 19-year-old son was a healthy outgoing lad, full of mischief and silliness, who was making the normal mistakes and yet working his way to responsible adulthood.

Suppose that, for some reason or other, he genuinely wanted to avoid all killing, and decided that he would not register with the authorities.

That would leave you in a difficult position. By law, the new law, you would be required to dob him in. The authorities would pursue him, and probably force him into military service and most likely send him off to Vietnam.

My first question is: Would you dob him in? If you did not, and the authorities found out, you would be hauled before a judge, and possibly a jury, your name would get into the papers, and there would be a few in society who would make sure that your name was mud.

What of your relationship with your son if you did? How would he respond immediately? What about in five years, Or 15 years. What if he was sent overseas, and what if he was killed?

These and other questions plagued parents now in 1968. Given the level of resistance to conscription, thousands of parents had to face up to them. What a dreadful decision to be forced into.

So, now I ask the question again. What would you do? Risk your son’s life? Or do nothing, and face the opprobrium of a breaker of the law?

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