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In 1948, there was no shortage of rationing and regulations, as the Labour Government tried to convince voters that war-time restrictions should continue into the future. The concept of free medicine was introduced, but doctors (still controlled by Britain), would not co-operate, so medicines on the cheap were scarcely available to the public.
Immigration Minister, Arthur Calwell, was staunchly supporting our White Australia Policy, though he was generously prepared to allow five coloured immigrants form each Asian nation to settle here every year.

In 1958, the Catholic Church bought a big city pub and raffled it; this peeved some people. Circuses were losing animals at a great rate. Officials were in hot water because the Queen Mother wasn't given a sun shade; it didn't worry the lined-up school children, they just fainted as normal. School milk was hot news, bread home deliveries were under fire. The RSPCA was killing dogs in a gas chamber. A tribe pointed the bone at Albert Namatjira; he died soon after.  The first of these new gadgets called computers were bobbing up.  But don't worry. They are just an American fad, and won't last.

In 1968, Sydney had its teeth fluoridated, its sobriety tested for alcohol with breathalisers, and its first Kentucky Fried.  And its first heart transplant.  At the same time, the number of postal deliveries per day was reduced from two to one. There was still much opposition to conscription to the Vietnam War, and demos, often violent, were everywhere all the time. One operation in Vietnam saw 20 Australian 20-year-old youths, silly, rascally and lovable, killed in just a few days. The new Prime Minister, John Gorton, announced that no extra troops would be sent to Vietnam. The casino in Tasmania was approved, so visiting there became a gamble.  We won a small pot of Gold at the Olympics, Lionel Rose became the first Aboriginal to become a World Boxing Champion, and poet Dorothea Mackellar died at the age of 82.